The wonderful woman of Easy Food share their fave recipes

By easyFood

06 March 2019

To celebrate International Women’s Day, the wonderful women of Easy Food office share the recipes of their heart. The question has generated a flood of memories, as always happens when talking about favourite foods. From Shannon’s granny bread to Jocelyn’s unrestrained love of cheese, here’s what women truly want here at Easy Food.

Spaghetti and meatballs by Caroline’s dadPappardelle with meatballs and pecorino Easy Food

Our editor, Caroline, said: “Spaghetti and meatballs is something my Dad made all the time for us as we were growing up, and it’s become my go-to dinner when I have people over — it’s simple to make but is always impressive, and is pure comfort food.”

Jocelyn’s cheesy dip of the heart

Irish cheese dip with porter caramelised onions Easy Food

Our recipe editor, Jocelyn, said: “There are so many Easy Food recipes that I love, this was like trying to pick a favourite child, but I really did fall head over heels for this Irish cheese dip with porter caramelised onions. I’ve been obsessed with Irish dairy my whole life, and this hot, cheesy dip is just ridiculously tasty; the team polished it off in about 30 seconds as soon as it had been shot for the magazine. I love that it’s so easy to make but is still an impressive option to serve a crowd — I’ve made it a few times when having people over and it always goes down a storm.”

Shannon’s granny soda bread

Whiskey marmalade | Easy Food
Our food-stylist, Shannon, said: “I love nothing more than the smell of my granny Redmond’s freshly baked soda bread. I began my baking journey at the age of three in my granny’s kitchen, Granny would have her silver tea pot whistling away on the gas hob as we’d smother the warm bread — fresh from the oven — with good Irish butter and watch it melt. Just the epitome of home comforts!”.

Warm beetroot and parsnip salad

Warm_Carrot_Parsnip_Beetroot_Salad Easy Food
Our food stylist Síomha said: “I have been told I have loved beetroot since before I was born, as my mother craved it all through her pregnancy with me! So any recipe that showcases beetroot is close to my heart and a winner for me!”

Elsje’s oat crunchies

Elsje's oat crunchies
Our account manage Elsje said: “As a South African living here in Ireland, theses oat crunchies are one of the things that really makes missing home a tiny bit better. My mom used to make them for us when we grew up, and whenever I bake and eat it with a nice cup of tea, it’s like my mom’s right next to me giving me a hug.”