Over the centuries the Olympic diet has varied greatly, but here are some tried-and-tested Olympian favourites.

The Ancient Olympic diet

Many meals consisted of barley porridge (as wheat was considered unhealthy and decadent), along with cheese, fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits of some kind, with figs being the most popular fruit in antiquity.


Charmis of Sparta, the 200-metre winner at the Ancient Olympics in 668BCE, trained on a diet mainly comprised of dried figs. We reckon this fresh fig, balsamic onion and blue cheese pizza is a delicious modern way to eat like an Olympian!

Seafood and eggs

Both seafood and eggs were an important part of the Ancient Greek diet, and served as good sources of protein for the Olympians. This smoked salmon quiche combines the nutrients of both, and makes an impressive brunch, lunch or dinner.

Smoked salmon quiche Easy Food


An Olympics long distance runner in 480BCE, Dromeus of Stymphalus ate a diet comprised almost entirely of meat. Heavyweight boxer Eurymenes of Samos enjoyed a meaty diet, too, and wrestling legend Milo of Croton — who had seven Olympic gold medals in wrestling and 26 wins at the Panhellenic Games — was also an avid fan.

Lean into comfort food with this steak haché with mash and gravy or try this sticky honey steak in warmer weather — either one contains the perfect protein punch.

Sticky Honey Steak Easy Food


Jumping forward in time, American Olympic gymnast MyKayla Skinner enjoys a gluten-free diet, except for weekends, and Canadian distance runner Nathan Brannen also focuses on a gluten-free meal plan. Take a break from gluten with this ultimate gluten-free pancake mix or this gluten-free red onion tarte tatin.

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Peanut butter and jam burritos

American rower Seth Weil's go-to training breakfast consists of coffee and PB&J in a flour tortilla. These peanut butter and jam roll-ups make a tasty (and very cute) start to the day.

Almond butter

American athlete and two-time Olympic medalist and beach volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings loves an almond butter and honey sandwich. For an Olympic-inspired bake, you can’t beat these almond butter banana cookies. Plus, you'll need just five ingredients!