7 delicious potato salads you need to try this summer!

Roasted potato egg salad with pickle dressing

The sunshine is finally here and we’re all spending as much time outdoors as possible. These crowd-pleasing potato salads will make a superb addition to any picnic or barbecue this summer.

Mediterranean potato salad

Mediterranean potato salad | Easy FoodBring the flavours of the Mediterranean to your back garden with this healthy twist on potato salad.

Potato salad with poached salmon
Irish Potato Salad with Poached Salmon Easy Food

The addition of poached salmon to this creamy potato salad makes it a filling option for lunch or dinner.

Quick potato salad

Quick potato salad Easy Food

If you need to create a quick and tasty side dish in a hurry, then this one’s for you — and we all know everything’s better with bacon!

Roasted potato salad with eggs and pickle dressing

Roasted potato egg salad with pickle dressingHonestly, this may be the best potato salad we’ve ever created. Crispy roast potatoes meet hard-boiled eggs and a creamy pickle dressing you’ll want to pour over everything.

Steak and potato salad

Steak and potato salad Easy FoodWith sweetcorn, red onion and seared steak, this is a real taste of sunshine and will keep you full for hours.

Honey-mustard potato salad with soft-boiled eggs and asparagus
Honey mustard potato and egg salad Easy Food

This fantastic salad is full of tasty treats and great whether served as lunch or dinner. Our tip? This honey-mustard dressing matches well with plenty of other salads, so it’s worth making a double batch.

Okay, so we know sweet potatoes aren’t technically potatoes, but we love them! You’ll adore the combination of textures and flavours in this hearty salad, with spiced chicken, crumbly feta and roasted sweet potato.