Homemade gifts are one of our favourites to give and receive! They show that extra little bit of love and thought, and are also great fun to make if you’re on that end of the bargain! So, here’s a few tips from the Easy Food team, to make sure your homemade gifts are well-received!

Managing your homemade gifts

1) Know the shelf life of the food you’re giving away 

When you give a food gift, put a note on how long it can stay uneaten and if it needs to be chilled or frozen for later consumption.

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2) Check the expiration of ingredients

While you’re at it, always make sure that the ingredients you’re using to make the gift aren’t in danger of going off anytime soon!

3) Avoid giving food gifts that will melt or crumble en route

A lot can happen between the time the food leaves the kitchen and when it reaches the recipient, so be sure to wrap and package wisely. Sturdy boxes for baked goods will make a huge difference, as does a coating of wax paper inside boxes for anything sticky.

4) Be conscious of any special dietary requirements

Making the extra step to prepare and send homemade gifts that are suitable for the recipients’ dietary requirements is exactly what makes homemade edible gifts so special. Just make sure to check the labels of all ingredients used so that you can be 100 per cent sure that everything included is safe for them to eat.