Makes 10 slices

Melba toast is a great thing to have in your repertoire, and is particularly useful for last-minute entertaining ideas! With that in mind, here’s how to make it yourself:

  1. Turn the grill on to a high heat. Lightly toast the bread slices on both sides.
  2. Working one slice of toast at a time, while they’re still warm, lay the bread flat on a cutting board and cut off the crusts. Put your hand on top of each slice, and use a serrated bread knife to slide through the bread horizontally to split it into two slices.
  3. Toast the un-toasted sides under the grill until lightly golden, watching closely as they can burn very quickly. The sides will curl up as they toast.
  4. Melba toast can be made well in advance and kept in a tin.

Per Serving 263cals, 11.3g (7g saturated), 17.1g carbs (16.1g sugars), 0.8g protein, 0g fibre, 0.019g sodium


These are particularly great when paired with our Smoked Salmon “Tartare”