What is it?

Pyrex® Cook & Freeze dishes are made from heat-resistant glass, which means they can transfer from the freezer at -20˚C to the oven at 200˚C without breaking or warping.

Perfect for:

This piece of cookware is ideal for make-ahead family meals as you can prep, freeze for later and transfer directly to the oven to bake.

What to consider:

Make sure the dish you choose can withstand cold freezer and high oven temperatures; dishes made from poor-quality material can shatter, so look for one made from borosilicate glass that can support minimum temperatures of -40 ̊C and maximum temperatures of 300 ̊C. While you may be tempted to go for the largest capacity, do make sure the dish can fit comfortably in your freezer and refrigerator!

What we love:

We love the Pyrex® Cook & Freeze Glass Rectangular Dish with Lid. It has a 1.5L capacity and no handles, which is ideal for family meals but not too large to store in a standard freezer. The Pyrex® borosilicate glass is shock resistant up to 220 ̊C, which means it can go directly from the freezer at a temperature of -20 ̊C into the oven at a temperature of 200 ̊C.* It’s also scratch-resistant and doesn’t stain or retain odours, which cements it as a quality piece for any weekly meal prep.

 *Lid unsuitable for use in the oven

Pyrex® is a trademark of Corning Incorporated used under licence by International Cookware.

This failproof chicken and veg pie with mash topping is the perfect recipe for trying out your Pyrex® Cook & Freeze bakeware, and is sure to become a new family favourite.

chicken and veg pie with mash topping

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