They’re delicious whether scrambled, fried, poached or boiled, but did you know that eggs’ versatility doesn’t end there? Make use of eggs…

… in your beauty regime
Whisk egg whites with a splash of water to create a skin-firming face mask, or mix an egg yolk with water or olive oil for a rich conditioner. A word of warning: rinse off using cool or lukewarm water rather than hot – otherwise you’ll end up covered in cooked egg!

… as a leather cleaner
The sticky quality of egg whites makes them good at cleaning leather. Gently rub onto shoes, bags or even leather sofas, and then wipe off with a cloth.

… in the garden
Add crushed eggshells to compost to increase the calcium content and make the soil richer. Furthermore, crumbled eggshells sprinkled over the soil around plants will deter snails and slugs that are repelled by the rough surface.

Eggshells Easy Food

… for your pooch
Add a scrambled egg to your dog’s food once a week to add a great shine to his/her coat.

… as pastry paint
Mix an egg yolk with half a teaspoon of water and add some food colouring. Use this to glaze cookies or other baked goods just before they go in the oven. The paint looks good and gives your pastries a richer flavour.

Eggs Easy Food

TOP TIP: Store eggs at room temperature, rather than in the fridge. In the US, eggs are washed before sale, which removes their natural anti-bacterial coating and makes refrigeration crucial. However, here in Ireland, there’s no difference when it comes to food safety, and keeping them rattling in the door of the fridge can actually thin the whites.