The ultimate guide to baking by food stylist Shannon Peare

By Shannon Peare

12 May 2020

I am baking obsessed and always love to try challenge myself with new bakes. With new challenges can certainly come with problems. I have compiled some of my best baking articles on my learnings along the way. I hope these will guide you on your baking journey so settle in with some tea…

Sponge troubleshooting

Cake troubleshooting easy food

We have all had some sponge flops but ever wondered why? Here is a back to basic guide to baking the perfect sponge.

Tips for easy baking

Shannon baking guide easy food

Here is my guide to the basics of baking in general. Sometimes even I forget to have my ingredients at room temperature or I miss a step because I haven’t read through my recipe.

All things pastry

All things pastry easy food

A guide to the different types of pastry. Once you understand the difference and what you should be looking for, theres no stopping you!

Top 8 pastry tips

Top pastry tips easy food

Once you understand the different types, here are my top 8 tips for pastry perfection.

The basics of bread making

The basics of bread making easy food

There is something so satisfying about baking your own bread. If you have never baked bread before, heres where you can start from scratch.

A guide to cake decorating 

Cake decorating easy food

Now that you’ve mastered baking the sponges, why not enter the world of cake decorating? Here is my guide to get you started.

Cake decorators tool kit

Cake decorators tool kit easy food

You need the right tools when starting to do cake decorating. These are my recommend tools you will need to get started.

Biscuit FAQs

Biscuit FAQ Easy Food

I am dreaming of a freshly baked biscuit and tea right now. Biscuits as simple as they can be to bake, they can certainly have their problems. Here some of my biscuit FAQs.

Cheesecake tips and tricks

Tips and tricks for set and baked cheesecakes easy food

Cheesecakes are such a great make ahead dessert. Here are some of my tips and tricks when making no bake and baked cheesecakes.

Meringue mishaps

Meringue mishaps easy food

Meringues are such a beautiful dessert and made of such simple ingredients. However, making them can often not be so simple. Here are some meringue mishaps that may have happened to you.