Whether you're an American ex-pat or you've got friends visiting from the US of A (or you're simply a sucker for a themed meal!), here's the menu you need to throw a proper Thanksgiving dinner.

First: there must be turkey.

Back-to-basics turkey Easy FoodThis back-to-basics recipe
will make sure you have a gorgeously golden, succulent bird to bring to the table.

Where there's turkey, so shall there be gravy.

Turkey gravy Easy Food Christmas

If you haven't been using the juices from the meat to make your gravy, this is going to change everything.

Mashed potatoes? Also a must.

creamy baked mash Easy FoodIf you're cooking any big dinner, we recommend making your mash ahead of time, then baking it
. Not only does this remove a last-minute job when you're trying to dish up, but it also gives you the textural joy of a golden crust on top of your creamy mash.

Green bean casserole

Green bean casserole Easy FoodThe green bean casserole
never really made an impact on Irish shores, but — with green beans in a creamy mushroom sauce, with a crunchy crumb topping — it really is a thing of beauty. Good job, America.

Sweet potatoes

Hasselback sweet potatoes easyfood christmas dinnerHere's where America loses us. We simple cannot condone the addition of marshmallows to sweet potatoes. We can't do it, and we won't. Instead, try these stunning Hasselback sweet potatoes
, and try not to think about the obscene things they're doing to these poor, innocent veggies across the pond.


Pistachio and cranberry_stuffing Easy FoodThis pistachio and cranberry stuffing
makes a fantastic crunchy, sweet accompaniment to your roast turkey.

Dinner rolls

Sourdough rollsDinner rolls are a must on a Thanksgiving table, and do we have the recipe for you! These soft sourdough rolls
are an all-time favourite in the Test Kitchen, gone within minutes every time they come out of the oven.

Cranberry sauce

Cranberry sauceAdd a sweet touch to your plate with this homemade cranberry sauce

And — of course — pie.

Classic pecan pie | Easy Food

Finish off your US-style feast with a classic pecan pie, and then... we dunno, go play some American football, or something.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American pals — especially our much-loved Editor, Caroline, who hails from Chicago!