Cooking for a group means planning in advance, and if the group includes vegetarians that rule still stands true. Just remember these tips in advance, and it won’t be any more stressful than any other evening!

  1. If you’re using duck or goose fat to roast your potatoes, remember to make a separate batch using oil.
  2. Don’t roast your vegetables anywhere near the meat.
  3. Remember to make a separate, vegetarian gravy.
  4. Serving everyone a veggie starter means you don’t need to make separate dishes for two courses.
  5. Most cheese is made from rennet, which is not vegetarian. If you are using cheese, make sure you look for some that’s made with vegetarian rennet.
  6. Some mince pies or Christmas puddings may contain suet, which is not vegetarian. Check packaging carefully if you’re buying your pudding, or try making your own mincemeat with vegetarian suet.
  7. Make sure any jelly used in desserts doesn’t contain gelatine.

If you’re looking for inspiration for vegetarian Christmas dinners, these creamed mushroom-stuffed onions or kale and quinoa nut roast en croute are both fantastic places to start.

If your guests include vegans, then here’s a few things to keep in mind!