How to: put a twist on your turkey

    How to put a twist on your turkey Easy Food

    Turkey is one of the most traditional meals we cook in a year, but that doesn’t mean you have to do the same thing every year! These fantastic flavourings and glazes will really make your turkey stand out, and are all so easy to make!


    Under the skin: Toasted sesame oil + sliced ginger
    In the cavity: Chopped spring onions + peeled ginger + Chinese five spice
    On the outside: Olive oil + soy sauce + honey

    Lemon and garlic

    Under the skin: Butter + olive oil + lemon zest and juice + garlic + parsley
    In the cavity: Halved lemons + thyme
    On the outside: Butter + olive oil + lemon zest and juice + garlic + parsley


    Under the skin: Extra-virgin olive oil + rosemary + finely chopped sun-dried tomatoes
    In the cavity: Sliced garlic + Parmesan rinds
    On the outside: Extra-virgin olive oil + oregano + thyme

    Cranberry glaze

    Under the skin: Butter + sage
    In the cavity: Halved orange + quartered onion
    On the outside: Boil cranberry juice until reduced to a quarter, then brush over the turkey


    Under the skin: Butter + thinly-sliced chorizo + lime zest + coriander
    In the cavity: Halved lives + sliced garlic + coriander
    On the outside: Butter + lime zest + coriander