Take away the fear factor out of buying shell-on prawns by simply learning how to peel and devein your prawns. Scroll down to discover a few easy steps and tips that will help you to love buying and eating shell-on fishes even more.

How to peel prawns:
  • Pull off the legs.
  • Work your thumbs underneath the shell and crack it apart. As the shell cracks, gently peel it away from the prawn.
  • The tail can often be left on for cooking, but if you’d like to take it off now, pinch the tail where it meets the body and pull gently. The rest of the prawn should pull out cleanly.
How to devein prawns:
  • Gently score the prawn along its back using a paring knife. You don’t need to cut deeply — a shallow cut is fine.
  • Look for the vein, a long, gritty string.
  • Gently pull up the vein using the tip of your paring knife, starting near the top and continuing to the bottom. If it breaks, just pick it up again and keep pulling.
  • Give the prawns a quick rinse before continuing with your recipe.

TOP TIP: save the shells from the prawns and make a quick stock by simmering them in water for about 15 minutes. You can freeze this stock and use it in seafood risottos, soups or stews.