Whether you’re a grill-master or a barbecue beginner, these are the essential tools you’ll need before turning up the heat.

For a gas grill, you will need a canister of propane; a charcoal model requires charcoal briquettes and a few sheets of newspaper (to stoke the fire in a chimney starter).

Chimney starter
This upright metal tube lets you start your coals with only a few sheets of newspaper and a match. Buy the largest model you can find for firing up your barbecue with ease.

Long-handled tongs
Skip the grilling fork, which pierces meat and causes you to lose precious, flavoursome juices. Instead, opt for stainless-steel tongs, which offer the most gripping power and sturdiness.

A necessity for flipping burgers and sliding under fish, a good grilling spatula should have an offset handle that allows you to slip the spatula under the food with ease. Silicone and metal spatulas are the best choices for grilling.

Instant-read thermometer
For gauging when your meat is cooked.

Long-handled stiff wire brush
For cleaning the grates.

Aluminium foil
Protect delicate foods like fish and prevent small items like vegetables from falling through the grates by wrapping them in tin foil before placing them on the barbecue.

Fire extinguisher
Grease flare-ups can quickly become dangerous conflagrations. Keep an extinguisher on hand for emergencies

Kitchen paper
Keep a roll on hand for wiping up inevitable spills, barbecue sauce and grease.

If you’ve got all the equipment and need ideas on what to do with it, check out our ‘Top 10 barbecue tips’ and get grilling!