Do you often find that your milk has soured before you’ve had the chance to finish it? Use these top tips to extend its life.

1. Buy the milk last. When you’re in the supermarket, add the milk to your trolley after you’re done with everything else, giving it the best chance of remaining at a constant temperature.

2. Add a pinch of salt. When you first open a new carton of milk, add a pinch of salt, then close tightly and shake. The salt will help the milk to last up to a couple of days longer.

3. Store it correctly. Most people keep their milk on the door, but it is best to keep it on the shelves where it is cooler and has a more stable temperature.

4. Don’t keep it out. After you pour a glass, return milk directly to the fridge. Don’t let it sit on the counter any longer than you have to.

5. Freeze it. You can freeze milk for up to three months. The texture and taste may be a little altered, but thawed milk will be safe to drink and particularly suited to cooking or baking. Make sure the container you’re freezing it in has a little room at the top to allow for expansion as it freezes. Thaw milk in the fridge and, if it separates, just beat it with an electric whisk.

TOP TIP: Once milk has soured, it may smell and taste unpleasant, but it’s not dangerous. Avoid food waste by using it to replace buttermilk in your next batch of scones or bread.