Fondant and Christmas cakes are a match made in heaven. Here’s 3 particularly adorable cake decorations to make, but don’t be afraid to come up with your own designs too!

Smiley snowman

Fondant smiley snowman Easy Food

Tie a red or green ribbon around the base for a scarf (or use red and green fondant squares), then use black fondant circles (or Maltesers) to make the eyes and mouth. Knead a bit of the leftover white fondant icing used to cover the cake with some red and yellow food colouring until you reach an orange colour, then shape into a cone for the nose. Roll out some red icing into a long rectangle, then smooth it over part of the top and some of the side of the cake for the hat. Trim off any excess. Use green icing to shape a bobble for the top of the hat.

Flower power

Fondant flower power Easy Food

Roll out red, green and white icing and use cutters for holly leaves, snowflakes and flowers to stamp out shapes. Using a bit of water as glue, secure some of them into little clusters around the cake. Roll small bits of red fondant to make holly berries.

Christmas trees

Fondant christmas trees Easy Food