Seven unusual uses for coffee

By easyFood

21 March 2018

You may rely on your morning brew to get your engines revved and on an afternoon cuppa to perk you up, but did you know that coffee has some less common uses, too?

1. Fix furniture

Mix 2-3 tablespoons of instant coffee with just enough water to make a thick paste. Use a small disposable plastic knife and the paste to fill a crack or chip in dark wood. Use a barely damp cloth to remove any excess. Allow to dry completely, then buff with furniture wax.

2. Fertilise plant beds

Used coffee grounds make superb fertiliser, as they are high in nitrogen. It’s also been suggested that this can help keep away mosquitoes, ants, slugs and maggots, as they all dislike the acidity that coffee brings to the soil. A word of warning though: don’t use coffee that hasn’t been brewed, as raw grounds won’t benefit your garden.

3. Exfoliate

Coffee grounds can be used as an exfoliating all-natural body scrub. Mix them with a little water and rub them gently into your skin to get rid of dead skin cells, then rinse with warm water. To exfoliate your face, just mix the coffee grounds into your cleanser.

4. Perk up your meat

To give your winter stews a beautiful dark colour and boost their flavour, add a cup of black coffee to the pot about halfway through cooking. Coffee can also make a fantastic dry rub for steaks, lamb chops, pork fillets and other meats.

5. Boost that chocolate

Adding a teaspoon or two of espresso powder to a chocolate bake will give the cocoa flavour a little added oomph!

6. Clean it up

Used coffee grounds can also be used as a cleaning abrasive. Scoop some into your next dirty pot or pan before hand washing and use them to scrub those tough spots.

7. Ditch that headache

Got a headache or migraine? Coffee can help to alleviate the pain. Caffeine makes painkillers work 40% more effectively and, where migraines are concerned, it also helps to constrict the blood vessels back to their normal size, easing your pain.