Irish cacao business reveal exciting news about new product launch

By Alison Egan

28 March 2023

Are you crazy for cacao? Then listen up, because Nibbed, the much-loved female-founded cacao business based in Wicklow, have a brand new product in the works, and we can’t wait to tell you more about it.

Just a few weeks ago, Nibbed founders, Lisa Kleiner and Anna O’Sullivan announced the launch of their crowdfunding campaign, which will support the production of a whole new product in their cacao collection.

Anna reveals that the pure cacao blocks are by far their most popular product, with many people using it to make delicious hot cacao drinks, which act as a healthy coffee substitute. As Anna explains, “Caffeine is a nervous system stimulant, hence why we can get that jittery feelings at times from too much. Whereas cacao’s main stimulant is Theobromine, a cardiovascular stimulant, helping to pump blood to the heart, and the reason they call cacao a ‘heart-opener’.”

Just some of the amazing health benefits derived from drinking a daily hot cacao include healthier, glowing skin, energy boosts, balanced gut health, higher clarity, focus and alertness as well as a calmer, less stressed mood.

To make life that little bit easier, Nibbed plans to bring out pre-chopped 100% cacao pouches.

Over the past two years, Nibbed have listened to their time-poor, busy customers, hearing their cries for something more convenient. You see, to make a hot cacao with the blocks, one needs to chop the block of hard cacao. It chops easily, but it does take more time than one is used to for making a hot drink.

So, to tackle this, Nibbed have created a new grated cacao that will save precious time in making that early morning brew or late afternoon treat. It’s the exact same high-quality, nutritious, organic cacao but reimagined into tiny, convenient chunks. So, all you need to do is scoop, melt in your hot liquid and whizz up until super silky and frothy.

Nibbed originally set out with a goal of reaching €10,000 to help support the production of these cacao pouches, and they’re so close to reaching this target, with €9,752 pledged already. To learn more about this amazing campaign and to make your own contribution, go to