How to: Decorate with fondant

By easyFood

13 November 2017

Shannon Peare, one of Easy Food’s resident food stylists, shares her expertise on working with fondant.

“Working with fondant takes me back to the days of playing with play dough. Fondant can be sculpted into fun designs or textured to look like fur, wood or even waves. Cakes covered in fondant have a beautiful, smooth and almost porcelain-like appearance. Fondant is a great way to create a true showstopper cake for any occasion; however, the thought of working with fondant can be daunting. I myself “feared the fondant” for a long time and have had my fair share of mishaps. I’m here to show you the basics and some of the common mistakes that can occur when working with fondant.”

Top Tip: Take a clean pair of nylon tights, cut off the foot, fill with cornflour or icing sugar and tie closed. Bounce a couple of times on your surface like a powder puff to dust before kneading or rolling your fondant. This is a great way to avoid using too much cornflour or icing sugar when working with fondant.