Hello Fresh arrives in Ireland!

By Alison Egan

28 October 2022

Say hello to the world-famous meal kit company, HelloFresh – it’s just landed in Ireland.

Just like us, HelloFresh aims to make life easier for home cooks – especially those on the go. We now have a convenient alternative to buying food at the supermarket with HelloFresh now delivering pre-portioned, locally sourced ingredients and an inspiring variety of recipes direct to doorsteps nationwide, on a weekly basis.


Catering specifically to Irish taste buds, HelloFresh carried out extensive research in order to understand Irish food preferences. As a result, they’ve created a delicious, top-quality menu that will provide varied options for every craving.


Buying locally sourced food is so important to Irish consumers, and HelloFresh have taken this on board by sourcing ingredients from local suppliers and farmers. What’s more, their distribution centre will operate close to Dublin where recipe boxes will be shipped – keeping the new branch’s locality at the forefront.


If sustainability is an important factor for you when it comes to the weekly food shop, then you’ll be pleased to hear that HelloFresh have carefully selected its Irish suppliers, favouring producers and farmers who use sustainable practices, and respect animals, marine resources and ecosystems.

From the outset, HelloFresh will provide 100% Irish raised beef and chicken from farmers that comply with all regulatory standards along with Irish dairy products in key ingredient offerings.


To date, HelloFresh offers a range of more than 10,000 different recipes to people worldwide. In Ireland, customers can choose from five preferences (Calorie Smart, Quick Cook, Veggie, Classic and Family) for two or four people. Developed by HelloFresh’s Irish culinary team, the recipes are inspired each week by Irish and international cuisine, paying great attention to the freshness, seasonality and origin of the ingredients.

As they say, variety is the spice of life, and according to research conducted by HelloFresh, the Irish people want lots of it! In fact, it was revealed that 65% of Irish people want more variety in their regular dinner rotation. With this in mind, the company’s Irish culinary team created a varied menu tailored to the Irish palate, including twists on some of the country’s favourite meals. Delicious meal options include: Mexican-inspired Beef Rigatoni, Spicy Prawn Red Thai Curry and Homemade Falafel Pitas.

If you’re lacking in kitchen confidence, HelloFresh can be a wonderful way to up your culinary game, as it’s suited to all skill levels, from beginner to pro. Take the stress out of meal planning and skip the supermarket queues, by ordering a box of fresh, pre-portioned nutritious and delicious ingredients, alongside a tempting, straight-forward, mealtime menu.

Claim your discount now! To get up to €75 off your first three boxes, use the promo code EASYMEAL25. For more information, visit www.hellofresh.ie.