Get to know your…. table manners

By easyFood

05 February 2018

Impress your hosts wherever you go with these important tips.


Russia – Keep your hands above the table and never refuse a vodka (asking for a mixer is just as rude!)


Korea – Don’t begin eating or leave the table before the oldest male has done so.


France – Keep bread on the table, rather than on a plate. Tear pieces off to place them in your mouth, rather than biting directly into it.


Thailand – Always leave a few bites of food on your plate; a completely clear plate suggests to your hosts that you haven’t had enough to eat.


Turkey – Burping after a meal shows appreciation for the food.


Portugal – Don’t ask for salt and pepper, as it’s considered an offence to the chef’s seasoning skills.


South America – Pay respect to Pachamama, the Andean harvest and fertility goddess, by spilling a few drops of your drink on the ground and saying, “Para la Pachamama.” This ritual is called “ch’alla.”


Egypt – It’s never acceptable to refill your own glass; wait for someone else to refill it, and you should refill your neighbour’s whenever it’s less than half full.