Get to know: Strange food phobias!

By easyFood

29 March 2018

Acerophobia – fear of sourness
Acerophobes will avoid sour candies whenever possible. 

Alektorophobia – fear of chicken
These people are chicken when it comes to poultry.

Alliumphobia – fear of garlic
Probably a common one in the vampire community. 

Arachibutyrophobia – fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth
So very, very specific.

Ichthyophobia – fear of fish
Some people find the sight, smell and texture of fish to be terrifying.

Mageirocophobia – fear of cooking
Seems like an awfully easy way to get out of making dinner…

Mycophobia – fear of mushrooms
If you have mycophobia, you probably don’t want to be described as a “fungi.”

Methyphobia – fear of alcohol
And oenophobia, specifically, is the fear of wine. 

Consecotaleophobia – fear of chopsticks
Yep. Chopsticks.

Thermophobia – fear of hot things
So… you don’t want me to put the kettle on, then…