All you need to know about how the Irish take our tea

By easyFood

28 September 2018

Lyons Tea have conducted a study that’s given us plenty to talk about, so make yourself a cuppa and let’s get to it!

The study is part of their #LyonsMyMug campaign, and looks at our tea-making tastes on a county by county basis. So if you’re of the opinion that there’s no cuppa like a home cuppa, this will definitely make for some interesting reading!

The all-important results

The results show that each region in Ireland, each county even, has it’s own distinct personali-tea (not at all sorry). It looked at brew time, sugar, and milk preferences, to get a clear idea of what people in each county considered the perfect cuppa. So let’s have a closer look at each region’s results, and make sure you take notes!



Munster – ‘the sweet talkers’

This area has a huge sweet tooth, even when it comes to tea. Each county reported a preference for a full teaspoon of sugar in their tea. They’re also partial to a milky brew, with a preference for 5 teaspoons worth in each cup! It also appears that they take the concept of tea ‘time’ very seriously, even though they disagree on when the correct tea time is! In Clare, it’s likely that people will have a brew before bed, whereas in Tipperary they’re likely to be found gathered around a tea pot at mid-morning. Good to know!

Leinster – ‘the average joes’

Leinster is an area of contradictions. Whilst some places had a strong preference – Longford, for instance, takes the milkiest tea of anywhere in Ireland with a whopping 10 teaspoons of milk – in other ways they are a very laid back bunch! They don’t like a huge amount of milk, or sugar, and drink tea at any time of day. Only Westmeath and Wicklow expressed a preference for a nightcap brew, all other areas here are fond of breakfast tea.

Connaught – ‘the dark and stormy’

It gets wild out in the west, and this is reflected in their quali-tea tastes (again, not sorry). They take their tea strong, they brew it for longer, and they use less milk and sugar. In terms of strength, Sligo came out top nationwide, and Leitrim is cited as taking the least amount of milk. So be prepared, for the dark and stormy teas of the west!

Ulster – ‘the milky waheys’

As you’ve probably guessed, the great white north takes a lot of milk in their tea! Donegal ranks second to Longford in terms of milky tea, but they are prepared to top up their cuppa with more milk, so they’re surely going for the top spot soon! On a more distressing note, the results from Monaghan can’t really be included – with a brew time of only 39 seconds, they’re really drinking hot milk rather than tea! Still, it makes them happy!

Lyons tea map Easy Food#LyonsMyMug

To celebrate their new-found understanding of the nation’s tea tastes, Lyons have launched a fantastic new competition, under the campaign #LyonsMyMug. Special promotional packs with further details are available in stores nationwide, and the winners receive a personalised mug, with not only their name but also their tea specifications on it! So not matter where you are in the country, you’ll manage to get that perfect cuppa. Cheers!