Dreamy creamy Christmas recipes


Add a splash of magic to your cooking this year with these fabulously festive recipes featuring Avonmore’s range of quality Irish creams.

Dark chocolate fondue

dark chocolate fondue avonmore

This dark chocolate fondue is oh-so-easy to set up and a super fun thing to create with the little ones.


Cheesy prawn gratin

Cheesy prawn gratins

Could this be the perfect starter? We guarantee you’re going to love these individual ramekins of prawns in a smooth, rich sauce made from Avonmore Fresh Cream and Gruyère, topped with breadcrumbs and baked until golden and crisp.

Chocolate cream roulade

chocolate roulade with caramel creamThis velvety chocolate cream-filled roulade is almost impossible to resist and guaranteed to impress your friends and family this Christmas.

Caramel Irish coffee

caramel irish coffee

You’ll never want a plain Irish coffee again after you’ve had this creamy caramel-topped version!


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