Say yes to yoghurt! 12 ways to use up leftover yoghurt


    Have some yoghurt left over? Here are some extra ways to use up the rest of the pot…

    • Stir some jam into your yoghurt, then drizzle over pancakes or granola.
    • Use yoghurt in place of oil when making salad dressings for a creamy alternative that’s still healthy; this is especially tasty over chicken or ham salads.
    • When used as a marinade, the lactic acid in yoghurt gently breaks down the protein in chicken, keeping it succulent and tender once cooked.
    • Stir in some lemon juice, lime juice, pickle juice, mustard or hot sauce to create your own creamy dip for chips or other fried food.
    • Create a quick sauce for falafels or spiced chicken by stirring ground cumin and lemon juice into plain yoghurt.
    • Spread yoghurt onto a baking tray, top with fruit, nuts and/or grated dark chocolate, then freeze until solid. Snap into portions for a cool and healthy snack.
    • Stir plain yoghurt into pasta sauces for a creamy touch. n Swap yoghurt for some or all of the mayonnaise in your next tuna, egg or chicken salad sandwich.
    • Stir a little yoghurt into guacamole for a touch of acidity. n Beat a spoonful of yoghurt into your scrambled eggs before adding them to the pan to make them extra light and fluffy.
    • Whizz it up with tinned fruit for an easy smoothie.
    • Give to kids as a healthy dip for fruit skewers.
    • Layer with fruit and granola for a breakfast parfait.
    • Serve a dollop of thick Greek yoghurt with cake as a more savoury alternative to cream.