Avocado toast has hit the internet hard over the past year or two, quickly establishing itself as a quick and easy breakfast that is trendy, yet healthy.

But what do you do if you start getting bored with your morning fix? Add delicious topping combinations, of course!


  1. Bacon + goat’s cheese. Let’s be honest: everything’s better with bacon.
  2. Salsa + crushed tortilla chips. Gotta love that crunch.
  3. Chorizo + tomato. Top with a fried egg for bonus points.
  4. Tomato + chillies + coriander + lime juice. Guaca-toast.
  5. Strawberries + balsamic vinegar. TRUST US.
  6. Poached egg + Sriracha hot sauce. Runny yolk highly recommended.
  7. Feta cheese + sliced nectarines. Salty yet sweet.
  8. Smoked salmon + red onion + capers + black pepper + lemon juice. Easy elegance.