How to: make a fondant Christmas tree

    Fondant christmas trees Easy Food

    Fondant cake toppers are so much fun, and make the finished product look absolutely amazing. We’re focusing on Christmas toppers with these tutorials, but you can make anything you set your mind to!

    Step 1 Shape a medium-sized ball of green fondant into a cone shape.

    Fondant christmas tree step 1 Easy Food

    Step 2 Insert a wooden skewer into the base of the cone.

    Fondant christmas trees step 2 Easy Food

    Step 3 Roll out a thin layer of yellow fondant on some greaseproof paper dusted with a bit of cornflour.

    Fondant christmas trees step 3 Easy Food

    Step 4 Use small star-shaped cutters to stamp stars out of the fondant.

    Fondant christmas trees step 4 Easy Food

    Step 5 Decorate the cones with edible coloured balls.

    Fondant christmas trees step 5 Easy Food

    Step 6 Attach a yellow star to the top of each tree, using a small bit of water to secure.

    No tree would be complete without presents, so why not make some of those too?