Weird food combinations people LOVE…

By easyFood

21 February 2018

Here at Easy Food we like to indulge in all types of delicious food. However, someone’s delicious might be someone else’s disgusting! As this topic started circulating the office, our curiosity naturally got the better of us and we asked our Easy Food followers if they have any weird food guilty pleasures.

We said the weirder the better and they definitely delivered…

  • Banana and salad cream sandwiches
  • Tuna and banana on pizza
  • Apple with salt and pepper
  • Nutella and tuna on a Tuc cracker
  • Fish fingers and custard
  • Meanies with melted cheese
  • Sriracha and watermelon
  • Oreos dipped in orange juice
  • Ham and Nutella sandwich
  • Banana, ham and hollandaise sauce

You’ll notice that some ingredients appear more than once- what is it with Nutella, ham and bananas?!