Top brilliant food tips from Easy Food office

By easyFood

23 January 2019

Here at our office we are passionate about food more than anything else. So, we’ve asked to our staff to share their best tips and bits about favourite recipes, tricks to fight food’s waste and storage suggestions. You’ll find them incredible useful and smart, we promise.

Gin cocktail by Sinead

cocktail gin with cucumber

This is a tip for your “I need a gin and i need one right now” moments, and to save the poor old cucumbers going off in your fridge at the same time. Slice cucumber and place into your ice cube tray. Fill with water and have instant refreshing cucumber ice to add to any last minute.

Rory’s potato cake

Everybody loves potatoes, in all forms and shape! Save unused mashed potato and make yummy potato cakes. You’ll just need to add eggs, salt, pepper and flour to your potato leftovers.

A cooking tip from Emily’s grannycooking tip

All grannies have their secrets, and Emily’s granny is no exception. This is her way to weight ingredients when preparing cakes: weight 2 eggs still in their shell, then use whatever weight it comes to measure out the other ingredients (flour/sugar/butter etc).

Aisling’s food storage tips


To storage the coriander longer: just put your fresh leaves in a closed jar in the fridge – it will keep longer and fresher. To keep the uncorked Prosecco longer: put a metal spoon or fork in the top of the bottle –  this will help the drink stay fizzy for longer.

Avocado waste by Jennifer

avocado tip

This ones are for the all avocados lovers out there. Keep your spare avocado half from turning brown by storing them in an airtight container with an onion. You can, also, help your avocados soften by placing in a paper bag with some bananas.

Get rid of fridge’s bad smell with Camila

fridge bad smell

Place pieces of charcoal in a bowl and place it at the back of the fridge to avoid (or get rid) of any bad smell. Also, you can do the same with coffee. Half a lemon or a small bowl of baking soda works as well when bad smells come out from your fridge.

Suzanne’s handy tip to have ginger at the ready


Buy fresh ginger, cut into portions and freeze – in this way, you’ll have the right amount, at the right time, right when you need it!