My internship at Easy Food Magazine

By easyFood

17 May 2018

My name is Emily and I’m a third year Culinary Entrepreneurship student in DIT, Cathal Brugha St. As part of my course, we go on placement for 12 weeks in a food related business. I’m a real foodie who loves to cook – and eat – tasty, no-fuss food. However, I don’t want to work in a kitchen! As you can imagine, this is quite confusing as people always assume I want to be a chef!

My internship at Easy Food Magazine work experience raspberry dessert

When I started applying for placements, a food magazine was my number one choice. Since I was 15 I’ve worked in various cafes and restaurants so I feel I have sufficient experience there. I wanted to do something completely new and something I wouldn’t necessarily get the opportunity to do again. Easy Food was where I wanted to be so I was very excited when I was asked to come in for an interview.

When I came in for the interview I was given a tour around the office by Caroline, and everybody I was introduced to was really friendly and welcoming. As the intervew progressed, I knew this would be a perfect fit.

I began my internship on the 22nd of January and my title was “digital/social intern”. I was going to be focusing on the social sites for Easy Food and creating content for them. As a 21-year-old girl, I am very interested in social media in my personal life and I knew I wanted to learn more about growing followers and recognising trends.

My daily routine would typically consist of uploading recipes from past issues on to the website. I found this really interesting because it was basically like reading cookbooks for a few hours a day! When I wasn’t doing that I was posting Instagram stories, tweeting, uploading to Instagram, posting on Facebook and I spent a lot of time in my last few weeks creating content for Pinterest. I also ran some competitions in my time here.

As the weeks went on, I actually got to work in the test kitchen. I was delighted to get this opportunity and I jumped at the chance to get cooking! I helped out on projects for various clients which included a cookbook and new product lines. It’s very cool that some things I’ve made have been professionally styled and photographed! I loved this part of my internship and I will definitely use the things I’ve learned when it comes to styling and cooking in the future.

My internship at Easy Food Magazine James Kavangh chef social media

In my time here I also got to work with James Kavanagh and William Murray of Currabinny, go to a press launch, and go to an event in Cook’s Academy – all things I never expected to do!

I really feel like I’ve gained so much in doing my internship at Zahra Media Group. I’ve been exposed to so many aspects of the culinary world and also the social/media world. These things will stand to me in the future and I am so grateful to have gotten this opportunity. One thing I must stress is how nice and welcoming everyone has been to me. I really felt like everyone wanted me to learn and wanted to give me as many opportunities I could get.

I’m sad my internship has come to an end but I’ll leave feeling very fulfilled and my confidence in my capabilities has grown a lot. If you ever get the chance to be an intern here, consider yourself lucky because you will learn so much and be well and truly looked after.