How to identify different potato varieties

By easyFood

07 March 2019

Learn how to identify the different varieties of this staple of Irish diet. There are thousands of varieties of potatoes in the world, they are available in all shapes and colours. Below we’ve list six of the most common varieties of spuds.

Golden Wonder

golden-wonder potatoes

Golden Wonder is a late maturing main crop with russet skin and light yellow flesh, and is oval to long in shape. It is very dry and floury, which makes it ideal for steaming but doesn’t fare well when boiled!


rooster potatoes

Rooster potatoes are easily distinguishable by their attractively clean and smooth, russet dark red skin and shallow eyes. Roosters have a flour yellow flesh and a deep earthy flavour.


queens potatoes

Queens variety is an early maturing crop that stands out with its white to yellow skin and white flesh. It has excellent flavour and floury texture.

Kerr’s Pink

kerr's pink potatoes

Kerr’s Pink is a late maturing main crop variety which has a pink skin and creamy white flesh with a flourier texture. It is a versatile all-rounder variety.

Maris Piper

maris-piper potatoes

Maris Piper variety has a golden skin and white flesh with a floury texture. It is a versatile all-rounder that is ideal for chips.


record potatoes

Record is a main crop variety, which has a high dry matter and is a multipurpose cooking variety. It has yellow brown skin with an intermediate to rough skin (and ‘netted’ skin appearance) and white to yellow colour flesh.