All about brine

By easyFood

03 November 2017

Brining is a great “secret weapon” technique, a foolproof way to add flavour and tenderness to meat. “Brining” essentially means soaking foods in a saltwater mixture before cooking. The brine is absorbed into the meat along with any added flavourings and, because the meat is now loaded with extra moisture, it will remain that way as it cooks. Brining is particularly effective for lean cuts of meat that tend to dry out during cooking, such as pork chops, chicken fillets or turkey breasts.

The basic ratio for brining is about four tablespoons of salt to 250ml of cold water. You will need enough brine to completely submerge the meat. Place the meat into the brine and place in the fridge for about one hour per 500g of weight. To infuse your meat with extra flavour, add extra spices and aromatics into your brine that will complement the finished dish.