7 important reasons to choose local food

By easyFood

19 April 2018

There are some foods that we’ll just never be able to buy from local producers: things like lemons or grapes, for example, simply need warmer climes to flourish.

However, choosing Irish – and even more local – foods where possible has some serious advantages attached.

  1. It’s better for you. Food loses nutrients over time. Food that doesn’t have to travel far gets to your plate sooner, is fresher and hence has lost less of its goodness. The exception to this is frozen fruit and veg, which tend to be flash-frozen immediately after picking, locking in their nutrients.
  2. It’s better for the environment. Local food means far fewer food miles and lower carbon emissions.
  3. It tastes better. When food is picked and eaten at the peak of freshness, it’s often more delicious.
  4. It’s cheaper. Think about it: who’s paying for long-distance transport? The consumer, i.e. you.
  5. It’s seasonal. You might wish Irish strawberries were available all year round, but they’re not. Those bought outside the summer months were picked before they were ripe so that they could survive a long journey, and they’ll never taste as amazing as those picked here at the peak of their season.
  6. It supports the local economy. Money spent with local farmers and growers stays in the locality and is reinvested with businesses and services in your community.
  7. It’s potentially safer. The more steps there are between you and the source of your food, the more chances there are for food safety issues.

As I said, it’s practically impossible to consume solely local food, but – when given the choice – make sure you remember these benefits to you and the world around you.