4 smart solutions to make your kitchen shine

By easyFood

13 March 2019

Make the most of your kitchen — no matter what the size — with these easy and smart storage solutions we help you keep your kitchens cluttered and shining.

When it comes to a dream kitchen, we imagine a sprawling space with plenty of accessible, hidden storage for every item on our kitchen wishlist. The mixing bowls wouldn’t need to hold a handful of other small baking knick-knacks and the walk-in pantry would be a well-organised collection of sundries and snacks. In the real world, however, we’ve had to shove one too many wooden spoons into that dreaded “everything” drawer (everyone has one, right?) while clearing just enough space to get the food processor to fit on the countertop.

We’ve come across some smart storage ideas from working in smaller kitchens and — trust us — size really doesn’t matter! With these handy hacks, you can make the most of the space you have.

1. Use hidden spaces

Think you’re out of possible storage space? Think again! The spots above your cabinets and refrigerator are ideal for larger storage solutions; look for large, lightweight wicker baskets that can house appliances, large platters or special occasion tableware that isn’t used too frequently. Make sure your prime kitchen space is reserved for supplies you need day to day. There’s also space to be used on the inside of cupboard doors. Depending on depth, you can hang up measuring spoons, make a notice board or attach to-do lists, measurement conversions or your most-used recipes.

2. Hang a pegboard

We’re not surprised that the doyenne of the kitchen, Julia Child, had it right with this one: a peg board is a perfect way to make use of unused wall space. Insert hooks and hang everything from pots, pans, colanders or utensils from this to free up space in cabinets and drawers.

3. In rod we trust

Adding an extra curtain rail in front of a window or attaching a bathroom towel rod to the side of a cupboard will give you space to hang small utensils or mugs. While you’re installing, consider adding magnetic strips to walls and use to store knives, scissors or to make a magnetic spice rack.

4. Make it your own

Get creative with what your space can do for you. Use an over-the-sink cutting board to temporarily expand your prep space whenever needed. If you’re tight on built-in shelving in your kitchen, why not pick up a free-standing shelf that will it into a tight space? Even a small single shelf that can be placed on a counter top will offer much-needed storage space.