Lunch Box Tips

By easyFood

17 October 2017

Lunchboxes can come in all shapes and forms, serving different purposes. Here, we look at three distinctive styles…

Lunch Bags

Lunch bags are the most traditional of lunchboxes on this list, providing a cool, stylish method of transport for your food. Many are thermally insulated, to keep sandwiches, yoghurts and snacks chilled for up to eight hours. Additional pockets in or outside the bag can keep snacks and drink bottles securely, without taking up valuable sandwich space. The durable fabric can also be cleaned easily with wipes for the inevitable burst of a yoghurt or juice carton!

Bento Boxes

Bento boxes are a Japanese lunch phenomenon, where foods are compartmentalised into boxes to create well-balanced meals. This is the ideal solution for the child who doesn’t like his or her foods touching! Bento boxes can inspire colourful, nutritious meals, with the individual compartments serving as a reminder to mix up the ingredients. Some versions even provide labels in each section for different food groups.


Thermos flasks are essential for a warming lunch in the cold winter months. They can be used to store hot soups, pastas and even porridge for up to eight hours, depending on the product and brand.

TIP: To keep your liquids extra cold, pop the container into the fridge or freezer to chill before filling. You can also pre-chill containers by filling them with cold water, making sure to discard the water before adding the desired liquid.