13 foods Irish people love



    We’ve compiled a list of foods and drinks you can get in Ireland that Irish people adore. In no particular order…

    1. Crisp sandwich
      White bread, butter and either Tayto or King (we’re more on the Tayto side)
    2. Spice bag
      The ultimate weekend treat!
    3. TK red lemonade
      What birthday party was complete without this on the table?
    4. Kerrygold butter
      In our opinion, the King of all butters!
    5. Chicken fillet roll
      A holy grail for all students!
    6. Cidona
      Who else pretended it was cider when you were younger?
    7. Breakfast roll
      Another hangover cure and staple lunch food.
    8. Buttered Rich Tea biscuits
      Takes us back to our childhood!
    9. Barry’s tea and a Dairymilk
      Sitting in front of the TV with this and you’re flying…
    10. Spiceburger
      Another chipper staple that Irish people love.
    11. 3-in-1
      Simple idea, but oh so good – chips, rice and curry sauce *drooling*
    12. Sugar sandwich
      The office was divided about this one: some people grew up with them and others had never heard of them!
    13. Flat 7up
      Magic medicine for anyone feeling a bit under the weather!


    1. The only one that comes close for me is the sugar sandwich. And I’m assuming that’s with butter. In my case, I just ate a slice of bread with butter and sugar on it, not a sandwich. I grew up in Texas though, not Ireland. LOL


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