10 foods you didn’t know you could cook in your sandwich press

By easyFood

21 March 2018

Pancakes – they end up an unusual, waffle-like shape, but your pancakes will cook quickly and easily on your sandwich press. Just make sure to spray the plates thoroughly with cooking spray before you begin.

Vegetables – try sliced aubergines, peppers, courgettes, mushrooms or onions.

Halloumi – pair this with some of those grilled veggies and season with a little lemon juice and black pepper for a tasty, healthy lunch!

Fruit – try grilling strawberries, sliced peaches or chunks of pineapple for a fun accompaniment to ice cream.

Cake – butter both sides of a slice of a loaf cake and pop into the sandwich press for a toasty tea-time treat.

Quesadillas – forget messing around with a frying pan. Your sandwich press makes the easiest, healthiest quesadillas around.

Falafels – by shaping falafels into patties rather than balls, you can make them ideal for cooking in your sandwich press.

Salmon – it’s best to coat the grill with cooking spray for this one, but salmon can be cooked to perfection using this method. If your press has started to lose some of its non-stick coating, you can wrap the fish in parchment paper or tin foil before popping it in.

Potatoes – par-cook them in the microwave, then halve them horizontally and place into the press for easy, smashed grilled spuds.

Omelettes – again, you’ll need to coat the press with cooking spray for this one, but it is perfectly possible to make a delicious omelette this way. Warning: it will cook quickly, so keep an eye on it!


Using a sandwich press is also a great way to heat up leftover pizza!