Ireland’s top chefs share their favourite Irish recipes

Darina recipe irish bacon
Susan J White
Tea Brack

“Brack is our favourite Irish recipes. It’s nut free, so both my boys pack it into lunchboxes with a scrape of butter. On any occasion that my husband is not overburdened with sweetness and light, I offer him buttered brack. It works faster than whiskey. Within moments his face becomes improbably buoyant and I’m sure I hear him squeaking like a hamster in heat. We change it up some weeks, using rooibos tea and lemon zest for example, or a coffee and date combo for adults.”




Donal Skehan
Boxty Irish potato pancakes

“Boxty potato pancakes are a traditional Irish recipe and they come with a great little rhyme that we were taught growing up: ‘Boxty on the griddle, boxty on the pan, if you can’t bake boxty, sure you’ll never get a man’. The traditional recipe varies from region to region, but they all use grated raw potato. This is the version that my family makes and they are great with a full Irish breakfast.” 




Catherine Fulvio whites Gate
Catherine Fulvio
The Murrough posh fish pie

“This was my mother’s signature fish dish. We traipsed around the whole island of Ireland with this dish as she entered fish-cookery competitions across the country. She used to present the pie in scallop shells and as kids we used to think, ‘How posh!’ Now I think, ‘How very 1980s!’” 







Neven MacGuire
Neven Maguire
Traditional Irish stew

“My mother, Vera, loved Irish stew and this began life as one of her recipes. Over the years I have changed it a few times but one thing has always remained the same. She used carrots and I always use carrots. I never tire of a bowl of steaming hot Irish stew, but it’s the attention to detail that makes this meal one of the world’s great classics. Ask your local craft butcher for some neck or shoulder cuts. If you make it the day before and warm it up, your meal will be more tender. We serve a small portion of this stew in the restaurant in a dish featuring four versions of cooked lamb and it is always popular.”




Clodagh McKenna
Clodagh McKenna
Carrot cake with orange blossom frosting

“This is by far my most liked and downloaded recipe on my Instagram and website. It’s incredibly simple to make – the cake itself is deliciously moist with wonderful hints of cinnamon and nutmeg spices and a dreamy creamy orange blossom frosting, utter heaven!”







Patrick Ryan
Patrick Ryan
Buttermilk batch bread

“When I was asked to share one of my favourite traditional Irish bread recipes, there was only one option for me: the mighty batch loaf. This is a bread I never tire of making. Batch is a traditional Irish bread: it triggers so many childhood memories for people and is something we bake every day at the bakery. We use buttermilk in our dough as we find that it just gives the bread an added richness. The bread is beautifully soft with a dark crust and just screams comfort. I love everything about it, particularly the way in which it is baked…” 




Darina Allen
Darina Allen
Traditional Irish bacon, cabbage and parsley sauce

This bacon and cabbage with parsley sauce recipe is as traditionally Irish as you can get… Darina recommends “You may want to double the sauce recipe if you love parsley sauce as much as I do!” We will Darina, we definitely will!








Kevin Dundon
Kevin Dundon
Lollipop pork with honey and cider reduction

The perfect marrying of sweetness and tartness, you’ll absolutely fall in love with these lollipop pork chops served on a bed of traditional Irish colcannon mash by Kevin Dundon.