Aubergine flatbread pizzas

Aubergine flatbread pizzas

Serves 4

2 aubergines, sliced into thin rounds
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp dried oregano
150g crème fraîche 
50g Parmesan, grated
4 flatbreads or naan breads
2 tbsp pine nuts
½ a small red onion, finely chopped
4 tbsp fresh basil pesto
Handful of rocket

  1. Brush both sides of each aubergine slice with olive oil, season with salt and pepper and sprinkle with a little oregano.
  2. Heat a griddle pan over a medium-high heat and cook the aubergine slices for 2-3 minutes per side until charred and soft. 
  3. Preheat the oven to 220°C/200°C/gas mark 7. Mix the crème fraîche with two tablespoons of the Parmesan and some salt and pepper. Spread over the flatbreads.
  4. Arrange the aubergine slices on top and scatter with the pine nuts, red onion and the remaining Parmesan.
  5. Bake for around 10 minutes or until crisp and bubbling. Spoon over some pesto and top with each flatbread with a handful of rocket.

Per serving:  476kcals, 24.6g fat (8.9g saturated), 53.5g carbs (12.1g sugars), 14.9g protein, 11.4g fibre, 0.754g sodium

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