How to make the most of your freezer & stop food waste

Did you know that wasting food can cost families €700 per year on average? Not only can reducing food waste save you money on your groceries, but it can save money on your bin charges too! But if you already plan your family’s meals and write out a shopping list, what else can be done […]

How to support your immune system through diet

Whether you have coeliac disease or are just generally concerned about your immune system right now, here’s some sensible advice from Sarah Keogh, Dietetic Consultant for the Coeliac Society of Ireland.   “Everyone is thinking immunity at the moment. At the Coeliac Society, we have had lots of people asking us what they should be […]

A nice interview with the lazy chef

Simon Lamont is the host of Tv3’s The Lazy Chef, where he travels all over the country to sample the spoils of Irish cuisine and rustle up delicious quick-fix dishes. In The Lazy Chef, Simon shows how to cut any corner to make effortless food and shares his secrets to fast-tracking meals by offering tips, […]

Catherine Fulvio’s Christmas tips

Catherine Fulvio knows a thing or two about putting together a delicious Christmas spread that’s all about spreading cheer — not chores! She’s partnered with Siúcra to share her best advice on how to keep the magic in festive entertaining. What are your top tips for surviving the busy Christmas cooking season? Plan ahead: buy […]

From the Butcher’s Block: ten more turkey tips

Preparing a Christmas turkey can be intimidating, even for experienced chefs. If you’re worrying a bit, then the more you know in advance, the better off you’ll be. We spoke to expert local butcher Michael Fleming to find out what he thought the top turkey tips were… Is it safe to freeze a turkey? If […]

Butcher’s block: barbecue advice

We spoke to a local butcher to find out what exactly they recommend to put your barbecue a cut above the crowd! Here’s what we found out… What meats should I go for to provide a good selection at my barbecue? Chicken and beef are the obvious crowd-pleasers, but pork shouldn’t be neglected or restricted […]

Home Ec: bake it beautiful

Cupcakes have become very popular in recent years. An Bord Bia (2015) surveyed consumers in the Republic of Ireland and Britain on their behaviours towards “sweet baked goods,” and found that “small cakes and slices” were the most popular, with 40% of people indicating that this was their favourite type of sweet baked good. The […]

Butcher’s block: slow cooking

Slow cooking is a fantastic way to increase the flavour and tenderness of your dishes. Here’s a bit of advice from local butcher Michael Fleming on how to make sure you’re getting the best out of it. What are the main advantages of slow-cooking? Slow cooking is a great way to get good value for […]

Everything you need to know about yeast

Yeast is used as a leavening, or raising, agent in the baking of bread and similar foods. The use of yeast and the production of real, unprocessed bread has become popular again in recent years. The Home Economics Food Studies Assignment 2018 asks students to carry out research on the use of yeast in home […]

Butcher’s block: cheap and cheerful

Here at Easy Food, we believe in eating local, reducing waste, and trying new things. With that in mind, we spoke to local butcher Michael Fleming explains why it’s worth buying cheaper cuts of meat Which cheap cuts of meat would you especially recommend? There are plenty of great value cuts out there with fantastic […]