Meet the team – Síomha

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Síomha Guiney: Food stylist, coleslaw queen, sandwich architect

Síomha has a degree in Culinary Arts, and says, “I have had wonderful opportunities to work with amazingly creative people and teams since I had my first kitchen job at 16. If you’re open to learning, every person you meet can teach you something of value.”

Síomha loves making people happy by feeding them good food, and certainly practices this in the Easy Food HQ – if it’s your birthday, you can expect a truly delicious handmade lunch. “Nothing else quite brings the same joy as insanely delicious food. Cooking and serving food to people is a privilege, but quite a brief one – you can spend hours cooking something that takes 15 minutes to eat, so I find the process of cooking dishes to be photographed highly satisfying. It is lovely to have tangible proof of the food you have taken the time to create.”

Síomha says the best part of her job is the people she gets to work with. “These people make the hard days easier and the good days amazing.”

The quirkiest thing about Síomha is that – despite being a vegetarian – she won two gold medals in Butchery Skills during her time on the National Junior Culinary Team! She also competed at the Culinary Olympics in Germany during her time on the team.