Stuffing 101: here’s everything you need to know

Christmas turkey

Christmas this year is going to look a bit different compared to previous years. We won’t be able to have big family gatherings and large tables packed with food to share, or hug and hold hands with your loved ones to share the joys.

However, that doesn’t mean we have to lose the Christmas spirit completely — we’re determined to focus on the food, appreciate the little things, and enjoy the holidays as much as we can.

If you’re hosting a somewhat smaller Christmas dinner, we’re here to help. Whether it’s your first time making stuffing for your turkey, or you need some inspiration to spice it up, here is everything you need to know to make the perfect stuffing for a (still) perfect Christmas.

Christmas turkey

To stuff, or not to stuff? 

Whether you want the stuffing inside your turkey or on the side is the perennial stuffing debate. We’ve pulled together a list of the pros and cons of stuffing your Christmas turkey, designed to help you make up your mind.

Stuffing 101

So, you’re new to hosting Christmas dinner yourself, because you were always invited to enjoy it at someone else’s home. But due to circumstances this year, you’ll be responsible for the cooking while enjoying a glass online with your friends and family via a Zoom call.

Need help? Easy Food Editor Caroline Gray has the easiest stuffing recipe that’s about as foolproof as you can get. Just follow her lead in this step-by-step stuffing video.

Back to basics stuffing Easy FoodBack-to-basics thyme and onion stuffing

This super-easy thyme and onion stuffing will make you a masterchef in your own kitchen and is guaranteed to wow your guests. Click here for the recipe.

Back-to-basics sage and onion stuffingSage and onion stuffing

If you want a more intense flavour to your stuffing, this easy sage and onion stuffing recipe is perfect for you. Not only is it super-easy, but it’ll have you and your guests asking for more. Click here for the recipe.

3 stuffing recipes to take your turkey to the next level

If you’ve mastered the basics and would like some more inspiration to kick your Christmas dinner up a notch, here are six gorgeous recipes to try:

Bacon and leek stuffing Easy FoodBacon and leek stuffing

Put a meaty twist on your stuffing by including some delicious bacon. Not only will it taste better, it’ll also be less dry. Click here for the recipe. 

mushroom stuffingMushroom stuffing

Fancy something different? Mushrooms are a clever addition and bring great flavour. This delicious mushroom stuffing will have everyone around your table ask for more. Click here for the recipe. 

Turkey, stuffing and cranberry crackers

If you don’t have space to put a whole turkey on the table, or you’re not in the mood to cook one for Christmas this year, why not try these delicious turkey, stuffing and cranberry crackers? You’ll still get that delicious Christmas turkey taste, but will have lots of more space on the table and it’ll feel like you’re biting into a tiny Christmas surprise! Click here for the recipe.

Ideas for leftover stuffing

So, you’ve made WAY too much stuffing, and you’re all too stuffed to eat even a crumb more. What to do? Waste it all?

Stop right there — there’s no need to waste perfectly good stuffing? We have some ways you can still enjoy it, without all the bells and whistles of Christmas.

Ways with stuffing Easy Food5 ways with leftover stuffing

Muffins, meatloaf, pancakes… we have plenty of ideas for putting that leftover stuffing to good use. Click here.