Makes 4
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For the Russian dressing:

For the sandwich:

To serve:

  1. Mix together all of the ingredients for the Russian dressing. Spread the dressing thickly over each slice of bread.
  2. Pile four of the bread slices with the hot pastrami or corned beef, then top with the cheese so it melts into the meat. Top with sauerkraut and the remaining bread slices. Slice and serve hot with Kosher dill pickles.

Corned beef can be used as an alternative to Pastrami, if you wish.
Emmental cheese can be used as an alternative to Provolone cheese, if you wish.

Nutrition Facts

Per Serving 264kcals, 14.4g fat (6.1g saturated), 16.6g carbs, 5.6g sugars, 17.8g protein, 5.6g sugars, 1.9g fibre, 1.265g sodium