Makes 6
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  1. Bring a saucepan of water to the boil and cook six of the eggs for five minutes. Drain and transfer the eggs to a bowl of iced water. Set aside for five minutes, then peel carefully.
  2. Meanwhile, place the sausage meat in a large bowl and add the fresh herbs, mustard and some salt and pepper. Stir to combine well, then divide the sausage meat into six even portions.
  3. Put one portion of the sausage meat between two sheets of greaseproof paper and flatten it with your hand into an oval shape large enough to cover an egg.
  4. Gently mould the sausage meat around one of the peeled eggs with your hands, making sure that the egg is evenly coated and there are no cracks. Repeat with the remaining eggs and sausage meat.
  5. Place the flour in one shallow bowl and season with salt and pepper. Beat the remaining egg in a second bowl, and place the breadcrumbs in a third.
  6. Roll the coated eggs in the seasoned flour, followed by the beaten egg and finally coat in the breadcrumbs.
  7. In a deep-fat fryer, heat enough oil to cover the eggs to around 180 ̊C; if it is too hot, the outsides will brown before the insides are hot. 8 Put the Scotch eggs into the basket (a few at a time) Fry them for 5-6 minutes, then drain on kitchen paper. Serve immediately, or allow to cool and then store in the fridge until ready to serve.

Nutrition Facts

Per serving: 606kcals, 43.6g fat (12.1g saturated), 25.1g carbs (1.7g sugars), 26.8g protein, 1.3g fibre, 0.882g sodium