The festive season is fast approaching, and it's time to think about getting creative in the kitchen. Whether you're entertaining others or just yourselves this year, there's still every reason to treat yourself to the full three courses — and we've got some stunning starters lined up to help you get inspired.

Camembert and roasted grape crostini 

[caption id="attachment_48022" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Camembert crostini with roasted grapes
Camembert crostini with roasted grapes[/caption]

These bite-sized savoury toasts topped with melted Le Père Alexandre Camembert, thyme and a touch of sweetness from honey and roasted Fresh Choice red grapes will certainly have you coming back for more!

Black pudding croquettes

[caption id="attachment_48021" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Black pudding croquettes
Black pudding croquettes[/caption]

Featuring Glenmór black pudding and Mash Direct mashed potato, these croquettes are packed full of all-Irish flavour and destined to become a new favourite.

Mini mac 'n' cheese bites

[caption id="attachment_48119" align="aligncenter" width="696"]Mini mac ‘n’ cheese bites Easy Food
Mini mac ‘n’ cheese bites[/caption]

This bite-sized version of the much-loved comfort food uses a combination of Gruyère and red Cheddar to create melt-in-your-mouth canapés that everyone will love.

Potted prawns

[caption id="attachment_48028" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Potted prawns
Potted prawns[/caption]

These individual portions of Seafeast cooked coldwater prawns potted in nutmeg butter are a seafood lover's dream, easy to make ahead of time and best served with brown bread and some mixed leaves.


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