Makes 4-6 (depending on jar size)
adjust servings:

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  1. Crush the biscuits to crumbs in a food processor, or in a bowl using the end of a rolling pin. Divide the biscuit crumbs amongst 4-6 jars, reserving a little for topping later.
  2. In a large bowl, whisk together the cream cheese, mascarpone and cream. Add half of the icing sugar and mix until fully combined.
  3. In a separate bowl, combine most of the strawberries with the remaining icing sugar, setting aside a few small berries for decorating. Use a fork to crush the strawberries into a rough purée.
  4. Ripple the purée through the cream and divide amongst the jars. Top the mini cheesecakes with the remaining strawberries and sprinkle over the remaining biscuit crumbs.
  5. Secure the lids and chill until ready to pack up for your picnic.

Nutrition Facts

Per serving 361kcals, 25g fat (14.6g saturated), 30.2g carbs (15.8g sugars), 5.5g protein, 2.1g fibre, 0.173g sodium