Makes 2
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  1. Slice the top off each pepper and scoop out any seeds. Stand empty pepper cups upright and fill each one with hummus or tzatziki.
  2. Stick the carrot strips in the filled cups to make ‘monster hair’.
  3. Make ‘eyes’ with small circles of sliced and whole olives.
  4. Make ‘ears’ with little carrot triangles, using toothpicks to hold both in place.
  5. To make a ‘monster tongue’, slice the cucumber down the middle, then thinly slice a ribbon of cucumber from the inside. Drape the tongue over the side of the pepper cup, before placing the lid back on.

Nutrition Facts

Per serving: 223kcals, 12g fat (0g saturated), 21.5g carbs (4.9g sugars), 8.4g protein, 5.2g fibre, 0.472g sodium