Makes around 9 balls (allow 3-5 per person)
adjust servings:

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  1. Cook the rice. You need to shape the rice into balls when it is still hot. Use a small bowl. Take a handful of cooked rice, toss it continuously in the bowl and the rice will form into a loose ball.
  2. Lightly wet one hand, adding a sprinkle of salt to your palm (this helps with preservation), then form.
  3. Push a tiny amount of umeboshi inside of the ball -use one plum per 2-3 rice balls.
  4. Wrap a strip of the nori sheet around the bottom of the rice ball, this adds flavour and nutrition but also helps the rice not stick to your fingers.

Nutrition Facts

Top tip: These are typically eaten cold, any time — though not usually for dinner; they are ideal for lunch on the go. Sometimes warm, freshly made o’nigiris are a great treat.