Much s’more than a hot chocolate

s'mores hot chocolate

Serves 1

150ml milk
30g milk chocolate, chopped, plus a little extra for decorating
40g dark chocolate, chopped
100g whipped cream
1 Digestive biscuit, crushed
1-2 s’mores marshmallows (to make click here) 

  1. 1 In a large pot, heat the milk until gently simmering. Add the milk and dark chocolate and stir until melted.
  2. Pour the hot chocolate into your mug of choice. Put the whipped cream into a piping bag with a star nozzle and pipe over the top of the hot chocolate.
  3. Sprinkle on the crushed Digestive and add one or two s’mores marshmallows.


(If you have a chef’s blowtorch, toast the marshmallow.) Top with some grated chocolate and enjoy.chocolate and sprinkle on crushed Digestives. Allow the chocolate to set in the fridge and serve.