Serves 1
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To serve (optional):

  1. Place the noodles in a medium saucepan and pour the contents from the flavour packet on top, then cover with the boiling water. Bring to the boil over medium-high heat, then leave to simmer for two minutes, until the noodles are soft.
  2. Add sweetcorn, chicken and soy sauce and stir until combined. Reduce the heat to low.
  3. Transfer two tablespoons of the noodle broth to a small bowl. Place the egg in a separate small bowl. Gradually add the hot broth to the bowl with the egg, whisking constantly until combined.
  4. Gradually add the egg mixture to the saucepan, stirring constantly, until the mixture is heated through, then remove from the heat (do not let the mixture simmer).
  5. Transfer the ramen to a serving bowl. Top with spring onions, fresh chilli, a fried egg or sriracha sauce to serve.

Nutrition Facts

Per serving: 414 kcals, 24.6g fat (14.8g saturated), 44.3g carbs (24.6g sugars), 4.1g protein, 0.1g fibre, 0.101g sodium