Serves 4
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To serve:

  1. In a bowl or a sealable bag, combine the chicken with the cornflour.
  2. Heat the vegetable and sesame oils together in a wok or large pan over a medium-high heat.
  3. Working in batches to avoid crowding the pan, brown the chicken on all sides, shaking off excess cornflour before adding the chicken to the pan. Transfer to a plate lined with kitchen paper.
  4. Carefully wipe out the pan with a ball of kitchen paper and turn the heat to high.
  5. Add the mushrooms and courgette and cook for 5-6 minutes until they begin to brown. Add the garlic and ginger and cook for 30 seconds, stirring.
  6. Return the chicken pieces to the pan and stir to coat.
  7. Add the soy sauce, sugar and rice wine vinegar. Stir to coat and cook for 2-3 minutes. Serve over rice and sprinkle with sesame seeds, if desired.

Nutrition Facts

Per serving: 366kcals, 13.9g fat (3.5g saturated), 15.8g carbs (4.4g sugars), 43.1g protein, 1.9g fibre, 1.029g sodium.